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Stuff and Conscience – An Introduction

The Author

Stuff and Conscience is written and maintained by NickdeFig. This person is a 23 year old male who was born in Jersey, schooled in Taunton, university’d in Cardiff and who likes to talk in the third person.

NickdeFig’s ‘likes’ include television, swimming, science-fiction, Twitter, cake and attempting to be some sort of writer in his spare time. His ‘dislikes’ include overlong periods of bad weather, obnoxious road users, cramp, overzealous Justin Bieber fans and his own crippling laziness.

These days he is mainly sighted in Cardiff. If you spot him feel free to say hi.

The Blog

This, as they say, is where the magic happens. The Stuff and Conscience blog is a mix of science-fiction, reviews and current events (that’s the ‘Stuff’) alongside contemplation on life, the universe and everything with a bit of creative writing thrown in (that’s the ‘Conscience’). Constructive criticism and debate are not only welcomed but encouraged, after all it’s nice to get involved.

Everything posted on the blog is the personal view of the author unless otherwise indicated. Enjoy.

The Collections

Some people collect stamps. I’m not one of them.

Partly this is because I never seem to get much in the way of post but mainly it’s because I prefer a virtual collection to a physical one. For a start it’s easier to assemble, which if you’re a sporadic collector like me is always a bonus, and if a collection is virtual it means it’s also far easier to share. With that in mind, and with a sizeable folder of saved LOLcats and other internet funnies begging to be let loose, I’ve decided to upload bits of my collections to this site for your viewing pleasure. The collections listed below can be accessed by clicking the relevant heading, or the collections page itself can be accessed from tabs above.

Photos: LOLcats and Friends

Photos: Children of the Celluliod Orphanage

Text: Things You Didn’t Know

Videos: YouTube, MeTube, WeTube!