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EU and the Norwegians

January 8, 2010

Don’t worry, this post is very un-political, despite its title. Sorry to disappoint any budding EU fanatics or lovers or Norway, but in fact the title is merely descriptive of what’s going on for me right now. As will probably become the norm with these blog posts, I’m supposed to be working. I’m surrounded by bits of paper talking about the EU, as well as numerous tabs on my browser to old news articles about it from the end of last year (or a month ago, if you’re that way inclined), and I’m listening to an album of mash-ups by Norwegian Recycling. Frankly I can’t stress enough how good this music is. I’ve just finished listeding to ‘9 songs to save the world’, which is a mix of Justin Timberlake and Madonna, Justin on his own, Timberland, a bit of Britney and I think a few other R’n’B types, and which is an utterly fab piece of music. It’s the sort of thing I’d play in the car while driving at night and which would make me feel really cool and like I’m in a film, or which I’d play when exercising to motivate myself. It’s even something you could dance to if you like body-popping. Now there’s a thought, I should show it to my housemate who does street dance and see what she thinks of it.

But anyway, I digress. The point of this little pitcher of joy is that, during my research (I use the word loosely) for this EU essay I found the blog of Nosemonkey (ooo, hyperlink), which was recommended to me by a lecturer and which it turns out is a very well informed politically based blog about the EU and general politics and stuff. One particular entry about eurosceptics caught my eye, as such things do. It’s a post about how the louder and, shall we say, ‘less well informed’ (that’s me being very nice) of the political commentators, who manage to bypass all elements of rational debate and descend into ridiculous hyperbole to communicate their agenda to the reader, are ruining it for everyone else who’s on their side by making themselves look like morons. I was not very surprised to find that the article that Nosemonkey was talking about was from the Daily Mail*. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you go and have a look at it watch out for my particular favourite bit about the EU flag. As Nosemonkey says, it’s such a glorious example of all that’s wrong with certain parts of the media today that it would be a shame if more people hadn’t seen it. And my mum wonders why I don’t like that publication.

Anyway, I need to get back to my work now as it’s sitting there and staring rather accusingly at me. Time for some more Norwegian Recycling I think. Seriously, check them out, they’re brill!

*The Daily Mail is henceforth to be known in this blog, unless it is able to redeem itself to me, as the Daily Fail. Considering the Fail’s track record so far, this is a name I expect to stick.

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