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“It’s about time…”

April 3, 2010

Well, it’s certainly been a good day today! The iPad was released (see previous blog, also from today) and now, kicking off with an utterly brilliant first episode, Dr Who is back! I enjoyed every minute of that, it was clever and interesting and had just the right about of humour, and as usual some brilliant one liners and a few cameo appearances from actor-people I recognised.

The only criticism I had while watching the show was the new theme tune, and that’s not so much a criticism as noticing that it’s different. I reckon it’ll grow on me anyway, but I did bloody love the last one. Can’t fault the acting though. Karen Gillian was particularly good, as was Mr Smith himself, and, maybe unusually for something with so many extras and minor characters, I didn’t spot anyone who I thought was rubbish.

My highlights (trying to avoid spoilers here but be wary nonetheless):

  • When we first see the TARDIS and the rope he’s using to climb out of it. For a moment I’d forgotten how big it was on the inside. Grinned and mentally kicked myself when I remembered.
  • The bit when the Doctor’s describing the “better looking” friend and the boyfriend goes “oh thanks” or “oh great”, whichever it was. It hinted at a backstory in their relationship which I thought made them much more 3-dimensional.
  • “If there’s no ducks, how do you know it’s a duck pond?!”
  • How and why he used the phone instead of e.g. the laptop. Simple but clever, a very well written bit I thought.
  • When he walks through the hologram at the end of the succession of all the past Doctors. Slightly self indulgent but it made me smile anyway.

All in all, a terrific first outing for the new Doctor. More of the same please!


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