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A brief farewell for Gordon Brown

May 10, 2010

So, it turns out Gordon Brown is to step down as Labour Party leader. Twitter, consequently, is going nuts.

If you’re reading this I’ll assume that you’ve heard this news already, and since I don’t currently have the time or the journalistic knowledge to sum up what this means for the country I can recommend 2 things.

1) Get. On. Twitter. This is what it’s for, everyone’s talking about this so if you want to get involved it’s time to flex your typing fingers. I’m willing to bet that there’s news articles aplenty flying around Twitter in hyperlinks right now, so go and catch them while they’re hot!

2) Check out other blogs by similarly interested people who don’t have exams to revise for (and yes, obviously that’s going really well right now). A good example of such a blog is this Souverian. I’m linking Souverian partly because that’s where I’ve nicked the above graphic from and partly because he’s a friend of mine and, as it turns out, a very capable blogger and a cracking photographer.

But back to Brown. I will say this for him, it can’t have been easy. I’ve felt sorry for him on a fair few occasions since he became Prime Minister. After all, not long after he got in literally the whole world went down the pan. I’m not saying he was brilliant, everyone made mistakes and his were pretty big ones, but in the end he did what was best for his party, and arguably what was best for the country in the long run. We will have to wait and see if a LibLab coalition does indeed form, as is looking ever more likely.

It suffices to conclude by saying Goodbye to Gordon Brown. He may not have been the best Prime Minister ever, but from what I could see he maintained a lot of dignity in what was a horrifically trying time. For that, well done sir.

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