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Blogger’s block

August 15, 2010

I can’t blog at the moment.

I don’t know why, I just can’t seem to be able to do it. I’ve not been able to settle on a topic long enough to write a blog about it. This has been frustrating. I like blogging, I like writing things and putting them out there for people to read. I like the process of researching and drafting something and making it into something that I think sounds good when someone reads it.

I’ve even had prime subject matter dropped pretty much into my lap. I blogged about every episode of the latest series of Doctor Who but I haven’t been able to compose anything about Sherlock yet. I watched all three episodes and they were great, well performed and well put together, and I even made notes while I watched it like I used to with Doctor Who. But no blog. Those notes are still sitting undeveloped on my desktop looking ever more forlorn.

And yesterday I was at the Jersey War Tunnels with my boyfriend – because it’s one of the few touristy things you can do over here when it’s pouring with rain like it was yesterday – and I remember wanting to blog about how it’s stupid that most people on the mainland don’t know that a part of the British Isles were even invaded by the Nazis, let alone occupied for 5 years. I wanted to argue the case for including the Occupation in the history syllabus; I wanted to relay all those little factoids I read about World War II as seen from the view of the Occupied islanders; I wanted to say what it felt like to be reading about my history, history that happened where I live, and the affect it had on my island. But no blog. That idea seemed to evaporate with the rain, and was all but forgotten by the time we got to my friend’s house that evening for her Alice-in-Wonderland party.

And speaking of parties, there’s been more than enough drama among my friends over the past few weeks to inspire any bereft writer. We should be on TV, no doubt about it. There’s enough crazy over here for at least three series. But no TV show, and no blog either.

And yet, this makes no sense. Now that I’m writing about not being able to write about any of these things, I’m writing about them fine. So what’s different? How come I’m doing it now when I couldn’t before? Maybe something happened today – in the party aftermath and the all-too-swift departure of the boyfriend for another 2 week separation – that has spurred me into writing again. Maybe I’m just lazy, and if the tools aren’t immediately too hand then I just won’t be bothered, or I’ll forget. Or maybe this post is just here because I feel like a good old moan about everything. Whatever the reason, it’s definitely long overdue. I want to blog more often and I’m going to try to. Reading a bit more would be nice too, and hopefully I’ll have the time now that my work day’s 3 hours shorter. Journalism work experience was great but the days aren’t half long!

Anyway, enough rambling from me for tonight. Hopefully there’ll be something new and interesting here soon, even if it’s just a belated Sherlock review. Watch this space to see more, and if more doesn’t get posted then feel free to nudge me in the right direction.

Update: And almost no time at all after posting this, I came across this piece about blogging and why it can be so engaging to do. I urge you to read it, it really is brilliant.

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