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Yelping About Life

September 11, 2010

So now I’m back in Cardiff and I need a job. I also need a flat and a general life plan, but the job is the only thing I’ve been able to actively pursue this week so that’s what I’ve been focussing on. I’ve got a few things in the pipeline (does that sound too optimistic? Probably…) but one of them looks particularly interesting.

I found it on an online job site and it was for a ‘marketing assistant’ role, which in this case meant a freelance reviewer. It’s for a website called, which is a sort of directory site but where all the entries are written by members of the public. Yelp hasn’t been launched in Cardiff yet and before it is they need Scouts, like me, to go round and get as many reviews as we can, get photos of businesses, check listings and make sure everything’s ready for the launch in a couple of weeks, at which point our contracts will end and the website will go fully public.

This position looks great for me right now, partly because it’s temporary and will give me some income while I’m waiting to hear back from other places I’ve applied to, and partly because it’s journalistic and will help me develop my writing skills. It’s also something pretty nifty that I can put on my CV, with a nice impressive tag like “Freelance journalism role for a national directory website”. That or something snappier. We’ll see.

Anyhoo, I’m pretty excited about this because it’s one of the first thing I’ve ever really gone our there and found, and done so all on my own. I mean, I’ve had jobs before, but they’ve either been at the school my parents work at, which doesn’t really feel like employment, or it’s been placements in law firms, which again feel more academic than anything, so it never felt like I’d gone and got something that was just a ‘job’, and got it myself. Don’t get me wrong, the law stuff is good. The last few placements I’ve had have been interesting and I’ve got a lot out of them, and either next year or the year after I’ll probably go and do my LPC and all the rest of it. But I didn’t want to go straight into law this year. I didn’t have the right motivation to apply for it when I was still at uni, and potential employers would have seen that. I’d have been doing it because it was the next logical step for a law graduate, and that’s a really bad reason to go into something. If I do want to go back to law after a year or so I’ll be able to say to them ‘this is why I’m here, this is why I want this, this is the experience I’ve had and this is why you should hire me’.

But in the meantime I wanted to do something else. Normal stuff like get a job, get a flat, be an adult rather than a student. Normal stuff, and see where that takes me. And this Yelp job is my first step towards that. Good for me.

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