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My American Road Trip

April 30, 2011

Today is Saturday the 30th of April. It’s also my last full day in Cardiff before my trip to America. Pretty cool right? Turns out it’s not just the Doctor who’s ending up Stateside this summer.

I’m going in tandem with my friend Steph, also from Jersey. She arrived on Thursday and so far we’ve been having a pretty good time. We’ve BBQ, been out on the town, watched the Royal Wedding in our pyjamas while eating Ben & Jerry’s (great preparation for all the ‘do you know the Queen?’ conversations we’re expecting when we hit the States) and we tried to go to a street party but we cut that one short after we went along to our nearest one and found it not to be quite what we’d had in mind – bunting aside it looked like a post-apocalyptic Pride & Prejudice & Zombies rave in the middle of the afternoon, and not in a fun way.

As well as all that we have managed to sort pretty much all the stuff that needed sorting before we leave. Our cashcards are loaded up and working, we’ve got our train tickets to get us to London, everything else is printed off or about to be, my suitcase is ready to be filled, my iPod is charging happily and everything else is either done or doesn’t need to be done until I get back. Being so prepared all of a sudden feels really odd though. We booked this trip back at Christmas and have been preparing for months, but now we’re actually ready to leave. In about 48 hours we’ll be getting on a plane to San Francisco, then we’re spending a month going across the States and stopping off in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver and the national parks, Chicago to see my brother, Cleveland, Washington DC, Philadelphia and ending up in New York where we fly back from. At this point we just keep looking at each other in disbelief that it’s all actually about to happen. But it actually, properly is about to happen, and I’m so, so excited for it!

So yeah, bye for now everybody and see you all when I get back! I probably won’t be able to get on here while I’m away but I may be able to tweet or facebook sporadically so if you’re looking for updates check there. If you’re one of my Doctor Who faithful then any further reviews are going to have to wait until June because I’m probably not going to be able to see any more episodes for a while (and while we’re on the subject, no spoilers please otherwise I will have to hurt you).

I wish you all the best for the next month, and see you on the other side!


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