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YouTube, MeTube, WeTube!

This section is for my favourite internet video(s) of the moment. These will generally be from YouTube as that’s where all the cool videos hang out, but if you know any other sites that show entertaining videos let me know and I may feature some of them, with a courtesy hat tip in your direction of course. This page is updated on an ongoing basis as there are a lot of cool videos out there waiting to be shared.

Featured videos:

I don’t think Beardyman is exactly niche but I think this is the first video I’ve seen of him and it’s brilliant! A really fun and inventive pastiche of a cooking show that shows of what the said hirsute-gent can do, which by the way is amazing! If you like this go and check out some more of his stuff – I’m reliably informed that he’s epic.

I love this. It’s acoustic joy. Stuff like this I find so impressive; accomplished musicians finding new ways to make music seem fresh and fun. There’s an air of professionalism to this video all the way through it as well as the fact that the performers look like they’re really enjoying themselves. Plus it helps that the song this performance is based in is a great fun feel-good song anyway.

I’m not sure what the context of this video is. It looks like some sort of synchronised walking competition and although that doesn’t sound that impressive wait until about halfway through and see some of the bits these guys do. It’s a little bit incredible.

This video is is the essence of a flashmob but on a bigger and much more dramatic scale. I think it was a TV advert as well as an internet thing and I think the idea behind it is brilliant, as is the execution. Watch out for the stunned look on the young kid’s face about halfway through the action. Bravo to TNT for this, whoever they are.

This video makes so little sense. Maybe that’s why it’s so brilliant. Just watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

I love Adele and her music, and like many singletons her song ‘Someone Like You’ hits a special chord with me. This is a video of her singing it at the Royal Albert Hall in a concert that she did on the BBC a little while back. Her introduction to the song is quite long but it’s a good one and shows how true the song is and how important it is for her. It’s a prime example of how songs that actually say something do far better than the generic catchy rubbish that a lot of people come out with these days. I also love how emotional she gets at the end. Enjoy.

THIS IS AMAZING!! Flying robots playing James Bond! My favourite bit is when they bounce on the keyboard. Massive thanks to Innocent Smoothie for putting this link in their latest email newsletter (they have some excellent links on there, plus it’s a good newsletter too). Enjoy!

I don’t think this one will embed properly on here but it’s definitely worth a few extra clicks to see it. Massive kudos to this guy for going through with this, he’s got some awesome self confidence as well as being properly hilarious! And above all, he’s sexy and he knows it! (Hat tip to Lee for sharing this first)

This video is beautiful. Everything about it is. I know it’s got a bit of a political background but even so it’s masterfully put together and hearteningly realistic. If you liked the John Lewis Christmas advert then this should be right up your street. I’ve watched it about 5 times so far and I always find myself smiling at the end.

Would you like to fly? Well if you’ve got enough money and a river handy then one day you might be able to. Don’t believe me? Check this video out. It looks so absurdly cool that I almost don’t believe it, but my eyes and the insane price-tag are telling me that it is true, and that I reeeeeally want to have a go.

Nature documentaries are all well and good but sometimes they benefit from a little bit of extra voiceover. Ladies and gents, I give you Nighttime-Daytime.

Spontaneous Tube singing, a spot of Bill Withers and a rather lovely gesture. I’m always a bit partial to this sort of thing. Aside from funny videos of cats it’s what YouTube was invented for. No credit this time as I can’t remember where I first saw this. Sorry if I stole it off you.

You know that bit in Anchorman where they’re pretending to be discussing the news and they’re actually just insulting each other and because the sound’s not on nobody can tell they’re doing it? Well this is better. Much better. Hat tip to Peter Serafinowicz and Graham Lineham for posting the link for this on twitter. I don’t think it’s entirely new but it’s brilliant nonetheless. (This is also the first update I’ve done directly from my iPad so I hope the embed coding works)

Every now and then I see something that gets me quite excited about what I can do with a flat or house when I finally own one. Well, maybe excited is a fairly strong word, but I’ve seen a few of these folding furniture videos now and this one is definitely a goodun’ and has given me some good ideas to steal for when I’ve got somewhere to do up. See what you think. Hat tip to Kat on Facebook for this one.

I’ve seen some crazy extreme sports in my time, mostly involving snow, but you’ve got to hand it to the adrenaline junkies – sometimes sheer mental creativity can come up with some brilliant looking stunts. Take this one for example. Normal Slip and Slide: yeah it’s alright, mainly for kids and drunks who get bored after about half an hour. Slip and Slide with a slingshot, into a lake: now we’re talking! Great soundtrack and a brilliantly shot and edited video too. I don’t know who Vooray are but they look like great fun! Check out some of their related videos too. Hat tip to my brother for flagging this one up on Facebook. I’ll be very surprised if he’s not bugging us to try something like this next summer.

I think I’ve seen this before but I’d forgotten just how brilliant it is. I’m a sucker for medleys, and when they’re sung by people essentially dressed as giant sperm without the tails what’s not to like!? (Hat tip to my friend Craig on Facebook for this one)

This is the internet, and on the internet people love cats, especially when those casts are doing funny things. Here is a video of such a funny thing. Enjoy.

This is a sped-up video of a plane landing in LA. It doesn’t sound like much but actually with the amazing views and the rather excellent song on the soundtrack it’s actually quite a good watch.

And now for something completely different. Chin-faces. Everybody loves chin-faces, especially when they’re singing Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Older video favourites, re-added here because, well, it’s nice to share.

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